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Jungle gyms are the most popular among wooden toys now but what, how and why do we need a jungle gym?

Jungle gyms are the most popular among wooden toys now but what, how and why do we need a jungle gym?

We all have had our fair share of questions around the buzz word- Jungle Gyms.

Who invented this concept? what is a jungle gym? Can we make a jungle gym at home? How do jungle gyms help the kids in growth and development? and more as our parenting minds can think.

Well, lets dive into all of the details in this fun history class turned information resource below that says everything you need to know about jungle gyms.  

Once upon a time, a man named Sebastian Hinton invented something very fun for kids: the jungle gym. It was a special place where kids could climb, swing, and have adventures. He made it out of metal, and soon, these jungle gyms popped up in parks and schools everywhere. It was named as jungle gyms as it gave the free spirited feel of exploring a jungle.

As more people moved to cities and the weather changes became dynamic(lets not forget climate change!), families wanted places for kids to play indoors. That's when indoor playgrounds came into the picture. They were like mini parks but inside buildings, and they had lots of cool stuff for kids to do. This is when the outdoor jungle gyms crawled their way into indoor toy gear industry. In India with almost 50% of Indians living in the cities, the jungle gyms cater to the needs of compact homes and busy city spaces where a big park is a luxury.

Jungle gyms

At first, these indoor playgrounds were still made of metal, just like the jungle gyms outside. But as time went on, people started to worry about safety and wanted playgrounds made from better materials. That's when they started using plastic, which was safer and could come in fun colors. The movement towards eco-friendly options pushed
people to realize how important nature was for kids, even when they were playing inside. So, they started making indoor playgrounds out of wood. Wood is natural and feels nice to touch, just like being outside in a forest. As the most sustainable option, with enough strength and sturdy make, the wooden jungle gyms won so many hearts worldwide. It also became their favorite recommendation to fellow parents. It started to make parents' lives so easy whilst keeping the busy little feet occupied in active learning and gross motor skills development.

Nowadays, you can even have your own indoor playground at home! Families can set up slides, swings, and climbing frames made of wood right in their living rooms or basements. It's like having a little park right inside your house. This is where we decided that we needed to maximize the utilities of a jungle gym at home. When it is going to capture some space in our playroom we have to ensure that we get the maximum out of it. Instead of having standalone options like a Swedish ladder, a swing, a gymnastic bar or a monkey bar or a slide, we decided to put it all together for you in three different packages catering to each of your unique needs. For example, you now own a small apartment in the city, started your family with hard-earned money and wouldn't mind a few nails on your wall, you can welcome in a Wall-Mounted Foldable Jungle Gym into your home. It will be such an exciting addition to your living room where you can fold it when you are not using and still get some play value out of it.

We created a Jumbo Jungle Gym with 9 in 1 features especially for commercial baby friendly spaces like children's hospitals, hotel lobbies, recreation play rooms, playschools and toy libraries etc. It has a great play value and also please the visitor aesthetically pulling them to engage their kids for a while longer. It could also be a useful tool in playschools where multiple kids can have fun all at the same time.

Of course there is the wonderful Classic Modular Jungle Gyms, that gives the most cozy and luxurious feel in your children's play room. Are you hosting a birthday party for your toddler at home? Just situate the jungle gym and throw in some confetti and colorful papers as decor and you are all sorted to have a budget friendly fun space to celebrate your kid's birthday.

Climbing on a wooden playset in your own home does sound like the right kind of fun. Isnt it?

Child playing on top of the Jungle Gym on the Monkey Bar.

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