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Object Permanence Box

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Object permanence is one of the first lessons a young baby or toddler learns. Maria Montessori, the educator developed specific materials to help infants understand that just because you couldn’t see mommy or track a ball, doesn't mean it does not exist.

At around 4 to 7 months a baby starts to develop object permanence. Until then for the baby the mental representation of an object is that once they are out of sight, they are gone.

A mother's concern was that: "My 8-month old freaks out every time I am out of her sight. I can’t even go to the bathroom by myself! What’s going on and how can I help her understand that I’m coming back?”
The reply is explained as object permanence.
"This is quite the development for babies in the age. They are discovering “object permanence”.
With this new awareness comes a new anxiety in the baby’s mind: they know the person or object still exists, but they don’t know when they will return.

The object permanence box will be a useful aid for infants as early as 4 months in developing object permanence. As one of the early tools to establish object permanence, this simple toy comes to the rescue.

The ball goes into the hole in the box, disappears for a moment, and reappears in a different place in the tray. Through repeated use, the child discovers that the ball continues to exist even though he can’t see it for a brief moment and becomes aware that it will eventually return to him.

Completely made of wood
The box comes with a tray, a wooden ball and an attractive neutral toned box.


Age recommended: 8 to 24 months (or)as soon as baby sits without support 


Object Permanence Box

Object Permanence Box

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Customer Reviews

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Received the product on time. Quality is amazing and much better than what I see in Amazon and other insta pages in terms of size, quality. And super fast delivery

Quite over priced

The noise from the ball is too loud for infant/ baby. The ball size can be reduced.

Thanks for your review.
Actuall there are standards about the minimum dimension of the ball to be used for kids under 3 yrs. Our ball size is as per standards. The ones that are normally sold in open market are smaller and it is to reduce the cost and not as per standards.
Since it is bigger in dimension you may feel it is making more noise mam. But to comply with the standard we have to have such dimension balls only.

Thank you
Team WoodBee Toys

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