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Rainbow Plates - 12 pc - Pastel Colour

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Age 1.5 years and above
Size7 cm wide, complimenting our rainbow stacker
Weight1.4 kg
WoodBirch Plywood
PaintNon-toxic water based paint
No. of Pcs12

Our 12 pieces large Rainbow plates compliments our Rainbow stacker of different colors to boost a child’s imagination, creativity, and captivate child in bringing those to live structures.

Why woodbee's Rainbow Plates

Our Rainbow Plates are made of Birch Plywood and coated with Non-toxic water based paint. The size of our plate matches the dimension of our Rainbow stacker The colours used are water-based non toxic
certified toy grade paints. 


How baby benefits? 

Open ended Play

You tell a kid, "I will give you a simple fun element, you do whatever you want with it.
You make patterns or learn colours, you use it as a mermaid costume or play hide and seek.

Learning occurs through imitation, cooperation encouraging free play

It enables a child to grow and nurture around the acts of rhythm

Provides an environment suitable for good sensory experience.

There are no instructions or directions in open-ended play.

A child instantly welcomes an open ended toy to their world and starts playing with it. 

Developmental milestones meter: 

Social/Emotional Milestones:

  • Likes to hand things to others as play
  • Plays simple pretend, such as feeding a doll
  • Explores alone but with parents close by
  • Points to show others

Cognitive(learning, thinking, problem-solving milestones):


STEAM: STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math

  • The addition of Arts to STEM revolutionizes the importance of applied arts in real situations.  
Rainbow Plates - 12 pc - Pastel Colour

Rainbow Plates - 12 pc - Pastel Colour

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