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Wall-mounted foldable Jungle Gym

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Age 10 months to 14 years
Product Weight45 kg
MaterialBeech wood and Birch plywood
PaintNon-toxic water based paint
ColourMulti colour
Special Feature Completely foldable. Occupies only 1ft in folded position
Weight Bearing Capacity80 kgs (Even 5 kids can play at the same time)

Expanded : 10 (L) x 2 (B) x 7 (H) ft

Folded: 1 (L) x 2 (B) x 7 (H) ft

Package Content & DimensionJungle gym / 154 x 66 x 23 cm

 Special Features:

  • The Jungle gym is completely foldable and tucked into a 1 feet space just by adjusting 2 screws by hand.
  • The gym framework is an obtuse L shaped structure which in itself can be used for climbing, hanging exercise and useful in building muscles by means of exercise.
  • Jungle gym has 9 play items.
  • The roof monkey bar is broad and resilient for climbing, lounging,walking etc.
  • The slider on one side and mountain climber on other side is the tallest and most versatile component of the jungle gym.
  • A platform with ladder to climb up and then slide downwards.
  • Rope ladder that can be hung from any area under the monkey bar.
  • Gymnastic rings -For improving the tensile strength of the arm muscles.
Product Description:

As parents we see that kids these days are so hooked up to their smart phones, tablets and other screens that physical activity is reduced to a maximum.
Given the growing need for physical activity and the prevalence of childhood obesity going high, activities for kids to develop their gross motor skills is important.
The constraints that city and town spaces have for play areas outdoors, parks etc. have pushed us to bring this experience to your households.
First time in India, we have a completely modular, foldable, wall mounted indoor Jungle gym making our compact urban spaces turn into an ultimate play area in no time.
A modular Jungle gym is a wise option to have at disposal at the home itself which increases its usage.
Something that's kept in front of us will always be used.

How baby benefits?

  • Modular Jungle Gym is a one stop for aiding in gross motor skills development in toddlers. Create a complete playground inside your home.
  • The play space below the gym can be used by crawlers to explore natural wood textures and help them in standing with support with use of ropes and wooden stands.
  • Pretend play and group play can be initiated inside the jungle gym.

Why WoodBee's Jungle Gym:

  • The Jungle gym is built using sturdy industrial grade nuts and bolts and can be easily folded and tucked into a 1 feet space just by adjusting 2 screws by hand.
  • It can be mounted on the wall by means of 4 steel clamps that we will provide.
  • The sturdiness of wood, compactness and durability of the overall structure makes it a must have and can be used by more than one kid in a combined weight of around 80 to 100 kgs.
  • The structure was tested for weight bearing with 120 kgs. Its intended use is from 10 months to 14 years.
  • For the compact town homes and congested city spaces with not much options for outdoor activities or gears, the jungle gym will be an essential add on to your home.

Items Included in the Package:
1 Wall mounted Jungle Gym components
24 Allen screws
2 Allen key
6 Knobs
4 Wall bolts and nuts
1 Instruction manual

Wall-mounted foldable Jungle Gym

Wall-mounted foldable Jungle Gym

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Totally different addition to our home

It has given new dimension to kids for exploring, I was in search of such play gyms for some time and i took time to finalise and order this. Your foldable jungle gym is very sturdy and easy installation. I was fearing if i have taken a correct decision or not. But over the time I realised that kids are really loving it they like to spend some good time of a day around it. They invented their own way to explore all the accessories for this play gym. I really feel this is unique of its own kind and kids are enjoying it monkeying around it. Thank you and big thumbs up. I really feel facinated about your all women workforce who are working in your organisation that really have my heart.

Best product

Its an excellent product for toddle to play with. My 3 yr old loves to play with it. Its very sturdy also. Best product to engage kids at home

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