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About Us

Woodbee toys was conceived in November 2020 as an idea at the kitchen table that sparked among mothers of a household. As a family, we had background in the wood industry. Our team is led by a retired manager who is also a maths graduate and an avid, passionate toy enthusiast with an eye for innovative toy designs. She found her interests expand towards modern wooden toys and educational toys as she started exploring the options for her grand kids.We fondly call her queen bee after we coined name for our brand. Upon research, our queen bee found that the existing wooden toys in the Indian market are flooded with Chinese made toys of substandard quality. The concept of non toxicity was non existent in most brands and Indian brands that sold non toxic toys either had it at huge prices or less innovative designs with no transparent certifications for non-toxicity.

How it started

Finding this lacuna, we decided to bridge the gaps in the Indian wooden toy making scene. After the toys were decided to be made the exploration for a selling platform emerged. What can we name our online toy store? Just days back we had seen a honey bee hive being uprooted from an office complex and been implanted into a forest area nearby. This rhymed well with the theme for which our women stood at that point in time. We, from different educational backgrounds and interests (doctors, engineers, business graduates, civil servants, and teachers) were uprooted with one common idea. We
decided to make toys for all kids with a vision to make non toxic wooden toys
accessible to as many children as possible at prices affordable and

The social media buzz

An Instagram account was opened with only teether designs and samples of rainbow stackers and loads of ideas and dreams in the mind to revolutionise the Indian toy manufacturing scene. That’s how Woodbee happened. And the rest is what we would like to call history as we had tremendous growth of organic followers and two toys became 15 toys in a span of 3 months, 45 at the end of the year. Until one year, Instagram was our only selling platform putting us on a map in online marketing scene.Our sparkle is what we call Woodbee women. The making videos of wooden toys by our women made many women feel empowered when they see that a hardware industry is being traversed by women from local community.This helped us in driving an authenticity that Indian parents have been looking for.  

Driven by research-non toxic

Our constant efforts towards Research and Development in the wood industry had helped us in cracking one of the difficult and yet to be available wood seasoning technology in India – non-toxic wood treatment/seasoning. We have a wide range of toys made of non-toxic wood and non-toxic paints. We have
certified non toxic wood with EN and ASTM standards. ASTM and EN are American and European international standards respectively for materials certified to be free of toxic micro and macro elements.

Open ended philosophy

In a swift manner we have expanded our
portfolio of open ended toys like Rainbow stackers, Building blocks, wooden
rockers, pikler triangles and more.We draw inspiration from waldorf principles
of primary education which stresses upon use of simple elements to create open ended play. Open ended toys are the ones which have no defined instructions for play. There will not be a start or end to the play dictated by set of rules. The kid decides how to play with the toy.

Manufacturer’s edge with women at the fore-front

We are the first brand to bring in-house manufacturing into the forefront and this manufacturer’s edge makes our creations most competitive and of superior quality as our key processes like quality check involves 100% women.

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