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Jungle Gym

Type: Jungle Gym
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Jungle Gym

Jungle Gym

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Age:                             1 to 14 yrs.

Material:                       Birch Plywood and Beech wood

Paint:                           Non-toxic water-based paint

Dimension:                  4 (L) x 3.5 (B) x 5 (H) ft

Weight:                        35 kgs

Items in the package:   Jungle gym frame, Monkey bar, wooden swing, Rope Ladder, Gymnastic ring, Reversible slider cum mountain climber, Rope hurdle climber, Step Ladder

Package dimension:     154 x 66 x 23 cm

Package weight:           37 kgs

Assembly Required:     Yes

Assembly Instruction:   Available as pdf download.  We will also assist in assembly through WhatsApp video call.

Product Description:

Given the growing need for physical activity and the prevalence of childhood obesity going high, a modular Jungle gym is a wise option to have at disposal at the home itself which increases its usage. Something that's kept in front of us will always be used.

How baby benefits?

WoodBee’s 9-in-1 modular Jungle Gym is a one stop for aiding in gross motor skills development in toddlers. Create a complete playground inside your home. A wooden jungle gym can provide various benefits for a baby's physical and cognitive development. Here are some potential advantages:

Motor Skills Development: Climbing, crawling, and exploring the different components of a wooden jungle gym can help develop a baby's gross motor skills. This includes activities like swinging, hanging, and climbing, which promote coordination and balance.

Muscle Strength: Engaging in physical activities on the jungle gym, such as climbing ladders or swinging, can help strengthen a baby's muscles. This contributes to overall physical development and can lay the foundation for healthy growth.

Social Interaction: Jungle gyms are often communal spaces. Since it has a very high weight bearing capacity, it can accommodate even 5 kids at the same time. This provides opportunities for social interaction, cooperation, and sharing. These social experiences are crucial for a baby's emotional and social development.

Cognitive Skills: Climbing and navigating a jungle gym can enhance a baby's problem-solving skills and spatial awareness. Figuring out how to move through the various elements of the structure can stimulate cognitive development.

Imagination and Creativity: Jungle gyms can serve as a backdrop for imaginative play. Babies may incorporate the structure into their games, pretending it's a castle, spaceship, or any other imaginative setting. This kind of play supports creativity and imagination.

Sensory development: The play space below the gym can be used by crawlers to explore natural wood textures and help them in standing with support with use of ropes and wooden stands.

It's important to note that adult supervision is crucial when a baby is using a jungle gym to ensure safety.

 Why WoodBee's Jungle Gym?

 Our Jungle gym is made by us and not bought and sold unlike others. So, we take care in making the sturdiest and safest Jungle gym in every process of manufacturing.

 Adding to it, every jungle gym is assembled and tested before packing. You will receive a photo of the assembled Jungle gym with your order no pasted on it.

 Strongest and Sturdiest: WoodBee’s 9-in-1 Jungle gym is completely made of Beech wood and Birch plywood. Beech wood is a hard wood and thus have more weight bearing capacity. The sturdiness of wood, compactness and durability of the overall structure makes it a must have and can be used by more than one kid in a combined weight of around 80 to 100 kgs.

High weight bearing capacity: The structure was tested for weight bearing with 120 kgs.

Sturdy construction and easy assembly: No screws are used. The complete structure is assembled using industrial bolts and nuts. This provides the best strength possible. When screws are used, it will not be possible to disassemble and assemble it again. Whereas when bolts and nuts are used, the structure can be easily disassembled and assembled.

 Uninterrupted safe play: Our design ensures that the kid will have uninterrupted floor area without any rods crisscrossing. This makes the best utilisation of space and ensures safety.

 9-in-1: Jungle gym has 9 play items in one. The roof monkey bar is broad and resilient for climbing, lounging, walking etc. The slider on one side and mountain climber on other side is the tallest and most versatile component of the jungle gym. The accessories like swing, rope ladder, gymnastic rings necessitate the use of various groups of muscles like pectoralis, biceps, triceps etc. and can aid in exercise inculcation in young kids.

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Great childhood memories

Thank you for creating wonderful jungle gym both my babies are lucky to have their childhood memories with tis 😍

Jungle gym for our children's hospital

Perfect toys. Initially we thought we will use for kids at home. But then will shift it hospital. Will recommend this product to all our relatives and well-wishers. So happy and thanks fro listening to my concern patiently and answering it.

14 months and enjoying

My son is 14 months and he is enjoying the swing. He loves it. He like to climb the mountain climber. He is pro in that now.

Photos speak for the happiness

I am so happy with the product.

Reviewing after 6 months of usage - Best buy

I bought for my 17 month old kid. She is glued to it after 2 days of careful speculation and now wont stop climbing. She does find the swing little uncomfortable. I am unable to find the exact reason for it. But the ladders, slide, climber are a huge hit with her. Its just so convenient having these at home. Saves me time on days i feel she needs to play/exercise but we cant go to the park. Also I love how purposefully it has been designed all-in-one. So I think this is one investment I'm very satisfied with. Also, your team has the sweetest members. Everyone I spoke to so far, be it for extra scres or other replacement have been very kind and patient. Rubini and Suganya are such wonderful people. This is my second purchase from you and I think you make some of the best wooden toys our there.

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