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Kaleido Blocks


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Mirrors, colours, patterns and blocks

There is everything in one toy to integrate a child into learning about reflections, 3 dimensional visual perception of objects, shape recognition and analysis, stacking different shapes, counting the number of shapes created and endless possibilities for open ended play that can last for hours together.

Kaleido blocks provide scope for visuo spatial analysis and kindles imagination of the baby to explore more and learn what is in front of them as well as create structures from their imagination using the mirror images that is being created.

In addition to elevating visual perception, the toy also has mathematical implications in learning coordinate geometry. Visualizing a hexagon or Pentagon in a graph sheet is difficult in two dimension. This toy can help the baby in understanding how a hexagon is drawn in relation to x and y coordinates.

The set comes with 62 blocks of various shapes and colours and two mirrors which can be mounted on a stand.

Kaleido Blocks

Kaleido Blocks

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