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Lollipop stacker


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The lollipop stacker is yet another woodbee's innovation for the new age kids who look at challenges when playing. 


This toy is a multi functional, open ended toy that has many ways to play with. It contains 14 slats with round holes and 24 coloured wooden blocks that sit perfectly aligned onto the holes in the slat. This toy was created for the curious kiddo at 3 years and older who are looking for adventurous plays with building elements. This is next level of Jenga play and a complex toy to build. 

How to play?

Since its open ended we will simply give the toy to the baby and wait for them to create structures with it. The wooden balls will be used to sort, stack and build as the kid thinks, imagines and creates.

How baby benefits?

1.Stacking, sorting and building with balls promote fine motor skills in a baby.

2.Playing with the balls and finding out multiple ways to use them will promote problem solving, enhances creativity and improves concentration in a single activity.

3.Sensory play is also possible when kids try to stack the balls and remove the balls without disrupting the slats structure. This will add up to the spatial awareness and increased neural pathways in the brain that will be helpful in improving pre writing skills and cognition.


Lollipop stacker

Lollipop stacker

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