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Interlocking Disk

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Wooden Interlocking disk based on Montessori principle of play.

Interlocking disc is the first toy a kid a actually plays with on developing grasping action. It has two wooden discs that can be attached to each other at right angles.

At around 3 months, kids will develop the grasping skill and the aptly sized and shaped interlocking disk comes handy to aid this action. The pincer grasp that the child develops later on will help them to hold instruments to write, draw..etc as the kid grows.

Addition to this essential developmental milestone, Montessori based Interlocking disk helps in developing hand-eye coordination, development of wrist movement and sensory and fine motor skills. 

As always, there are multiple ways a toy can be used and let alone the child to explore with it.As the child grows the removing and playing with individual discs and interlocking them is a fine motor activity that kids will like to do in repetition which is a montessori core principle

Considering the size of the toy and the age at which it is introduced, always ensure, parental supervision at all time. 

Interlocking Disk

Interlocking Disk

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