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Colour Balls Tracker

Type: Activity Toys
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Colour Balls Tracker

Colour Balls Tracker

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Age  12 Months +
Material Beech Wood
Paint Certified non-toxic water based paints 
Dimension 30 x 12 x 30 cm


WoodBee's Montessori Ball Tracker is a developmental toy suitable for Babies & Toddlers from 12 months and older or when the child is able to stand to put the ball into the frame. 

The child drops the ball at the top and it rolls down. The child can collect the ball from the bottom and start over again. The kid tracks the ball as it moved from top to bottom helping in developing visual fixation. The three ball are coloured in attractive, bright shades and it would look great in a nursery!

In the usual design of this toy, the ball rolls down due to gravity, But in WoodBee's design, the horizontal track has expanding gap from one end. So when the gap between the frame increases, the ball falls down to the next level. This makes the kid curious to understand the concept in this design.

Tracking toys provide children with the opportunity to build important developmental skills including those relevant to cognitive and physical development. The benefits of using this material include:

1. Develop tracking skills - allows the child to focus on a moving object.
2. Strengthens eye muscles - as the child is able to focus and track the ball for longer periods of time they will strengthen their eye muscles.
3.Develops coordination - the child coordinates the movement of both eyes as they focus and track the ball in addition to developing hand-eye coordination as they reach for and grasp the ball.
4.Learn problem-solving skills - if ball falls out or if the ball doesn't go in the child begins to problem solve.
5.Develops gross and fine motor skills - the child will grasp the ball, squat, move up and down and reach out repeatedly.
6.Develops core stability - for young children the squatting and moving up and down picking up the ball and standing independently can help develop core stability.
7.Develops bilateral integration skills (use and coordinate both sides of the body at the same time) and provides opportunity to cross the midline - children may pick the ball up with one hand and pass it to the other hand or will cross the midline to put the ball back into the frame.

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