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Pikler Triangle with Slider

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CertificateBIS Certified
Age 10 months to 14 years
Product Weight23 kg
MaterialBeech wood and Birch plywood
PaintNon-toxic water based paint
ColourMulti colour
Special Feature - Pikler frameFoldable and Height adjustable -three positions
Special Feature - Slider or RampAttached mountain climber or claws on one side
Name CustomizationYes
Weight Bearing Capacity100 kgs (Even 4 kids can play at the same time)
Dimension - Pikler102 x 88 x 85 cm
Dimension - Slider or Ramp123 x 43 x 10 cm
Package Content & DimensionPikler and slider / 126 x 49 x 12 cm


Pikler triangle is a Montessori aligned gross motor skill toy that was inspired by works of Hungarian pediatrician Emmy Pikler on early education in the 20th century. Pikler believed in slow, sustainable and incremental progress in an infant's motor skills. She believed in  creating an environment of movement exploration for a kid mimicking the wilderness of an animal. 

How baby benefits? 

There is one too many ways in which the Montessori Climbing toy or Pickler triangle with the wooden slider can be used by the tiny tots.

It's a perfect indoor toy gear that can aid in focusing all the unspent energy of staying indoors among toddlers.

1.Climbing triangle 

  • Climbing one step a time
  • Hurdle climbing
  • Playing peekaboo
  • Pretend play like a tent
  • Crawling inside the triangle like a cave 
  • Exploring the wood textures

2.Slider on one side with the other side being a mountain climber with claws can also be

  • Race track for your cars
  • Ball runs and many open ended play options as they like and imagine.

Why play? 

      1.Helps promote imagination, independence and helps baby overcome fear of  heights

      2.Improves core strength of the body frame and general stamina in young kids

  1. It will also help in appetite, agility and overcome toe walking

Why WoodBee's pikler 

  1. The foldable montessori climber will help in our congested city spaces to expand the range of play for young ones where they climb, explore and involve in pretend play inside their own jungle  
  2. Pikler rods are of sturdy wood and thicker that will help in establishing important milestones in life, walking and climbing
  3. The climbing claws are screwed to the slider in a hazard free way and has a curvature fit enough for baby to climb without getting slippery 
  4. Dnuts and bolts used for tightening each joint ensures overall stability to the structure and guarantees longevity of the toy

 Why woodbee's slider

  1. Tallest and sturdiest slider available in the Indian market 
  2. It's made of Birch ply and coated with non toxic paints 
  3. The climbing claws are designed to give the feeling of mountain climbing for kids making them feel more challenged and encouraged 
  4. The sliding surface is made suitable for indoor use without sand on the landing floor 
Pikler Triangle with Slider

Pikler Triangle with Slider

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Strudy and smooth

The pikler as expected is very strudy.

We really loved the woodbee Pikler

We had very smooth transition to our new house and all the thanks to the pikler. Using it for the last two months and we enjoy it so much. And all our guests are more thrilled. Definitely much better that the plastic slides we found online

Smitha G.

Extremely satisfied with the purchase. Kids are enjoying too.


I am a person who thinks and research alot before buying anything for my boy. Am very happy that i chose your products and they are super awesome. Along with my boy, his cousins of age 5and 3 are also enjoying a lot. I told their mom, eyes closed, Just get your products.

Priyal Varshney

Received the pikler triangle yesterday. Looks good and strudy. Assembled it

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