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Infant first book


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Woodbee toys bring you home infant's first book (A to H)
A baby cannot read at 6 months but can listen to mommy or daddy or grans reading to them from a big board book.

Infant's first book is designed in such a way that
💥Wooden texture gives a sensory feel for the baby
💥One picture for one page with three words or less that will be less distractive
💥Introducing common things like first weaning food - an apple, animals which form their ceiling mobiles or flash cards
💥A story teller can spin a story around each object represented in the pages.

A baby will find it easier to flip the pages of wooden board. This is laying a strong foundation for upcoming story times. A baby will feel it welcoming.

This may also help baby develop dexterity. We made it upto H because that's quite the attention span a baby is going to have with a single prop. And that's the weight that a baby can hold.

The grains of wood helps them in understanding the many objects in external environment. It will help in fostering their independence.

They cannot chew it like paper which I is quite harmful as it takes only seconds for little ones to make a paper go into mush inside her dribbling mouth.

When the baby grows out of this, each card can be used as a platform in pretend play and open ended play by the baby after removing the side anchor.

Also no dog ears 😋 with long usage

Infant first book

Infant first book

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