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Curved Dowel Stacker


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Woodbee's curved dowel stacker is a montessori aid that targets stacking skills of a child. In addition to routine stacking, the curved dowel gives an added challenge at stacking as a kid requires additional wrist movements to stack the discs into the dowel. 

Midline crossing is an ability of the baby to use their limbs for opposite side of their body. This toy will be useful to go from left to right and vice versa thereby helping in the predevelopmental skill of writing and reading. A child starts to explore midline crossing by the age of 8 to 12 months and takes upto 4 years to go into its complexities preparing them for the use of hands in expert skills. 

It also helps in fine motor skills development and hand eye coordination. A baby in pincer grasp development can use the discs to stack and improve the grasp reflex. 

Curved Dowel Stacker

Curved Dowel Stacker

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